Saturday, 8 October 2011

Scorpion Tailed Spider, Arachnura sp.

Female Scorpion Tailed Spider, Arachnura sp. 10mm

The Scorpion Tailed Spider body has various shades of brown but most commonly fawn, with a black tip on the end of the abdomen.
The abdomen is armed anteriorly with two horns and posteriorly with a peculiar star-shaped tip. It tries to mimic a dry twig by folding its legs and drawing them close to the body. The female has long tail that can be curled over the body, making it look a bit like a scorpion. When alarmed, the posterior end of the abdomen is curled upwards, scorpion-style. The male is smaller and has no tail, and may be found on the edge of the web. Female is about 10-15mm and male 3mm. The web is a widely-spaced orb with a missing sector, usually slung in a horizontal or inclined plane.

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